week one

The problem is, I’ll go insane.

I’ve revived my blog. Started my next fanfic story. Cooked meals. Read a little. Lifted my ban on video chat apps and embraced Google Duo. I disinfect the things.

There are things I *could* do. Namely get back on a regular fitness routine, even if it’s just yoga. Re-download Duolingo and pick up my long-ago-abandoned Spanish lessons. Finish that romance story I started writing back in 2016 (cannot believe it’s been that long).

But mostly, I sit. Phone in hand, scrolling through this pandemic with the rest of the world, promising I’ll emerge on the other side of whatever this is with noticeably fewer side rolls and an improved pen game.

Then I stay on the phone.

This is only week one.

so this was prescient.

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