“an ongoing story of an ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances”

the bad place

When the world explodes into chaos, my instincts send me inward; so I’ve been quiet here for the last couple of weeks. As self-centered as I am, I don’t believe in the power of a single voice in a din of pain and outrage, so when everyone shouts the obvious thing — that Black people … Continue reading the bad place

dance in the flames

I’m an addition-by-subtraction kinda girl. Blame it on my Moon in Scorpio or the ruthless minimalist in my head that believes the shortest route to peace of mind is through the obstacles blocking it, but I am far better at cutting out what I don’t want than identifying what I do want. My imagination is … Continue reading dance in the flames


I can’t remember the last time I was enough. Way back when, there were days when I walked through the world… full. Not like these days where every waking moment is filled with worries about what I should be doing? I should work out.I should do something with my face like the other women my … Continue reading enough

one of thirty-two

As of 6:28 AM, the Alabama Department of Public Health reported 32 coronavirus-related deaths in the state. One of them is—well, was—my great aunt. She was my late grandmother’s younger sister. One of four girls in a family of eight. The grandmother of one of my favorite cousins. My heart breaks in anticipation of the … Continue reading one of thirty-two


I didn’t want to issue a clarion call until I had a couple of posts under my belt in this space. But now that I’ve been at this for a good two-to-three weeks, I feel like I can lead a charge. If you’re an OG Blogger—I’m talking Blogspot, WordPress, Livejournal, pre-Twitter and Instagram—you need to … Continue reading #dustoffyourblog

week two

The text came Sunday morning. The tears, Monday afternoon. My great-aunt was hospitalized in Birmingham with COVID-19. And as my mind does with everything else, it jumped to the next logical conclusion. So I was sad, but fine. Until I started reading tweets about people dropping loved ones at hospitals and never seeing them alive … Continue reading week two

week one

The problem is, I’ll go insane. I’ve revived my blog. Started my next fanfic story. Cooked meals. Read a little. Lifted my ban on video chat apps and embraced Google Duo. I disinfect the things. There are things I *could* do. Namely get back on a regular fitness routine, even if it’s just yoga. Re-download … Continue reading week one


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