“an ongoing story of an ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances”

an event worth noting

Well. That’s one way to start a year. I didn’t have hope for 2021. I told myself I’d play it by ear, a day at a time. The way I do everything else. I know, I know. Stoicism is boring and you’re sick of hearing me not have expectations for anything, but it is how […]

well, aren’t you effing rude?

It came to me in the middle of the night, staring at my ceiling. You’ve never liked yourself. Whoa. That couldn’t be true. I conceded my childhood and teens. I was good at one thing: school. I pushed myself to excel because the acclaim I received being a good student was the bright spot in […]

my third house life

So remember my triumphant return to blogging? Because the world was in shambles and I thought we’d need mediums like these — emphasizing the personal, the mundane — to act as our bridge over troubled waters? (I did not say “bridge over troubled waters” at the time, but it sounds good here, so I’m going […]

burning at both ends | day two

I am not an infinite resource. I am not a giver. My cup does not runneth over with affection or love or anything lying in wait for someone to receive it. I am selfish. I’m a bitch. I am a fierce protector of myself. I am rarely overwhelmed. I used to be a person who […]

how do i explain | day one

The thing is . . . I’m just not open. I thought I could be. With a few quick stretches and reflex checks, I realized the muscles still worked. I remembered the steps; could fall easily into the waltz of asking and revealing; enticing from a safe distance. It was like riding a bike. Until […]

here comes the sun

The Sun enters Leo tomorrow and I’m… excited? Is that the right word? That’s the word I’ll go with. Excited. This matters on the global scale because the Sun going into Leo alleviates some of the *gestures broadly at the state of the world* going on outside. For me, it matters because the Sun (my […]

mad woman

I had my first Don Draper moment in 2004. I was at home on winter break after a personally disastrous first semester of my junior year of college. Sixteen years later, good and grown, I’m embarrassed at how viscerally I can recall the moment that snapped me in two; that I still tear up over […]

wrote her way out

Like the rest of my social media bubble, I watched the Hamilton musical film this weekend. And like everyone else, I was floored by how compelling it was. A piece of historical fanfiction where America’s founders tell their stories in the lyrical stylings of Big Pun (Lin Manuel Miranda has admitted that his Alexander Hamilton […]

the bad place

When the world explodes into chaos, my instincts send me inward; so I’ve been quiet here for the last couple of weeks. As self-centered as I am, I don’t believe in the power of a single voice in a din of pain and outrage, so when everyone shouts the obvious thing — that Black people […]

dance in the flames

I’m an addition-by-subtraction kinda girl. Blame it on my Moon in Scorpio or the ruthless minimalist in my head that believes the shortest route to peace of mind is through the obstacles blocking it, but I am far better at cutting out what I don’t want than identifying what I do want. My imagination is […]


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