“an ongoing story of an ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances”

week two

The text came Sunday morning. The tears, Monday afternoon. My great-aunt was hospitalized in Birmingham with COVID-19. And as my mind does with everything else, it jumped to the next logical conclusion. So I was sad, but fine. Until I started reading tweets about people dropping loved ones at hospitals and never seeing them alive … Continue reading week two

week one

The problem is, I’ll go insane. I’ve revived my blog. Started my next fanfic story. Cooked meals. Read a little. Lifted my ban on video chat apps and embraced Google Duo. I disinfect the things. There are things I *could* do. Namely get back on a regular fitness routine, even if it’s just yoga. Re-download … Continue reading week one

fictional southern comfort

I am currently fixated on the the fictional world of J.R. Ward’s Bourbon Kings series. Since diving head-long into A Song of Ice and Fire fandom a couple of years ago, I’ve been hard-pressed to find material as compelling as the delightfully messy Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Yes, I understand high fantasy, historical parallels, and … Continue reading fictional southern comfort

it is what it is

In the last few years of my internet life, I’ve witnessed a collective groan over the phrase “it is what it is.” For people who want to know you’re human, want to see an emotional reaction to uncomfortable situations, and want some proactive measures taken to make them comfortable again, the phrase feels dismissive. I … Continue reading it is what it is

the return

This post was almost titled “allow me to reintroduce myself” because much has changed since I first typed “Skinny Black Girl” into a blog header in 2008, but the part of my brain that thinks in Hov verses has not. Welcome back. That’s as much a message for me as it is for you. Because … Continue reading the return


Today marks the beginning of Libra Season and the end of a crappy personal year. Yes, my birthday is 16 days away, but I’m calling this year early. It’s been that kind of shit show. In traditional astrology, there’s a timing technique called Annual Profections. It’s a fancy way to say every year of your … Continue reading farewell

sbg, this is your life

A couple of months ago, I declared myself average. I looked at my life: my job and salary, apartment, looks, talents and hobbies, and material trappings and realized I likely won’t go much further than cute, working-class administrative professional in a cute apartment who can write a little bit when so moved. It sounded defeatist–and … Continue reading sbg, this is your life

something else

“We’re freshmen as far as being grown,” he said. I thought of this, looking at the crowd around me. Aunties in their 40s and 50s in their sequined suits. Girls in their 20s in their re-purposed club dresses. Career-climbing peers in their red-bottomed pumps. I found what I usually found — no kinship to any … Continue reading something else


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