“an ongoing story of an ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances”


I can’t remember the last time I was enough. Way back when, there were days when I walked through the world… full. Not like these days where every waking moment is filled with worries about what I should be doing? I should work out.I should do something with my face like the other women my … Continue reading enough

one of thirty-two

As of 6:28 AM, the Alabama Department of Public Health reported 32 coronavirus-related deaths in the state. One of them is—well, was—my great aunt. She was my late grandmother’s younger sister. One of four girls in a family of eight. The grandmother of one of my favorite cousins. My heart breaks in anticipation of the … Continue reading one of thirty-two


I didn’t want to issue a clarion call until I had a couple of posts under my belt in this space. But now that I’ve been at this for a good two-to-three weeks, I feel like I can lead a charge. If you’re an OG Blogger—I’m talking Blogspot, WordPress, Livejournal, pre-Twitter and Instagram—you need to … Continue reading #dustoffyourblog

week two

The text came Sunday morning. The tears, Monday afternoon. My great-aunt was hospitalized in Birmingham with COVID-19. And as my mind does with everything else, it jumped to the next logical conclusion. So I was sad, but fine. Until I started reading tweets about people dropping loved ones at hospitals and never seeing them alive … Continue reading week two

week one

The problem is, I’ll go insane. I’ve revived my blog. Started my next fanfic story. Cooked meals. Read a little. Lifted my ban on video chat apps and embraced Google Duo. I disinfect the things. There are things I *could* do. Namely get back on a regular fitness routine, even if it’s just yoga. Re-download … Continue reading week one

fictional southern comfort

I am currently fixated on the the fictional world of J.R. Ward’s Bourbon Kings series. Since diving head-long into A Song of Ice and Fire fandom a couple of years ago, I’ve been hard-pressed to find material as compelling as the delightfully messy Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Yes, I understand high fantasy, historical parallels, and … Continue reading fictional southern comfort


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