Life & Times

burning at both ends | day two

I am not an infinite resource.

I am not a giver. My cup does not runneth over with affection or love or anything lying in wait for someone to receive it.

I am selfish.

I’m a bitch.

I am a fierce protector of myself.

I am rarely overwhelmed.

I used to be a person who dreamed impossible dreams, craved the adoration at the top of the mountain, needed to affirm my ability to anything and everything I put my mind to. I used to burn at both ends.

Now, I do not.

I say no.

I disappear.

I walk away.

My life fits in the palm of my hand and I like it that way.

Because it’s never too much.

Day Two of the #30Layers30Days writing challenge by @ggreneewrites on Instagram.